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Monday, October 20th, 2014     

Futanari Manga Videos - Info:

Hey there futa lover and welcome to Futanari Manga Videos! This little blog contains mostly sample video clips cut from Japanese futanari movies, courtesy the single best source on the Internet to see REAL futanari, FutaFan.com!

As for futanari manga, I will also show you sample futanari comics drawn by a very talented artist named Karbo from a site called Innocent Dickgirls. These comics are drawn in a more "Western" style, and while they may not be futanari manga that comes from Japan they are every bit as raunchy and sex-filled, very colorful as well and I am sure you will enjoy them!

So futanari lovers, please enjoy the galleries I present to you below then to see more pay a visit to either of the two high-quality futanari sites I have mentioned - you won't be disappointed!

Dickgirls with huge cocks fucking each other senseless - futanari manga videos courtesy FutaFan!

Greeting futanari lover and welcome!

Here's some more animated futanari manga, that is to say, futanari video clips taken from the best site to see full-length, full-screen Japanese futanari movies, FutaFan.com!

This set of sample clips features TWO futa-girls fucking each other hardcore!

So, you sex-crazed futa-fans, enjoy these short samples then to see the FULL MOVIE Get Inside FutaFan.com and enjoy their HUGE library of futanari movies!

Posted: Tue, 02 Feb 2010 10:44:09 -0500

Futanari dickgirls hardcore sex videos - samples courtesy FutaFan.com!

Hello futanari manga lovers,

Here's some crazy futanari video samples courtesy the best site on the 'Net to watch full-length Japanese futanari movies, FutaFan.com!

I don't even know what's happening some of these clips there are dicks and pussies everywhere! A bit of a futanari orgy it seems with men as well as a few futanari dickgirls enjoying some hardcore sex!

Enjoy these clips and see if you can figure out who is fucking who?

Posted: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 08:16:40 -0500

Lesbian futanari manga videos - Straight anime girl sucks futagirl's huge cock

Greetings futanari manga fans,

Here are a few sample clips from the one and only FutaFan.com showing a little lesbian futanari action!

Futanari traditionally has always had more in common with 'yuri' or lesbian hentai than tranny hentai where the futagirl is often paired with a male. It may be that futanari developed as a way to give female anime characters the ability (by growing a penis!) to have intercourse with other females.

Therefore in many futanari mangas you will frequently see futa-on-girl action, here in this set of sample videos a sexy blonde anime girl sucks off a futagirl's huge throbbing cock!

So enjoy these sample clips then get inside FutaFan.com to see the full movie!

Posted: Mon, 18 Jan 2010 00:06:51 -0500

Dickgirl hentai paysite - from the tour: futanari hentai works, mangas, doujins and movies

Hey there futanari manga fans,

I recently came across a site called "Dickgirl-Hentai.com", unfortunately the owners are probably Japanese (judging from the somewhat mangled English in their tour) and did not understand the e-mail I sent them asking for a webmaster pass.

So, their tour looks pretty good, here's a short blurb: "Here you will find the most complete dickgirl & futanari hentai work collections. Enjoy our full length, uncensored, English subtitled hot movies of sexy anime dickgirls fuck each other with huge hard dick until they are completely covered in each other's sperm!".

To me (an adult webmaster who has seen a LOT of porn paysites) judging from the non-cookie-cutter tour, the site probably delivers. Has anyone out there gotten a membership to Dickgirl-Hentai.com? If so please e-mail me latif (at) futanarimanga (dot) net and tell me what you thought of the site!?

Or hey you futanari manga fans out there Check Out Dickgirl-Hentai.com Here and let me know what you think of the site, maybe I'll post your review!

Posted: Sat, 16 Jan 2010 02:31:46 -0500

Intro post of Futanari Manga Videos

Hello futanari manga fans and welcome to Futanari Manga Videos!

I'll be honest with you and tell you that this little blog here (made by a Westerner) can't POSSIBLY satisfy the hardcore futanari aficianados looking for real Japanese futanari manga and doujinshi, you know, the futanari comics drawn by those amazing Japanese futanari artists.

This site will mostly show you samples of animated futanari manga, that is to say, video clips cut from Japanese futanari movies courtesy one of the most prominent futanari sites on the 'Net, FutaFan.com.

With that said I'll also show you some futanari manga samples drawn by a Western artist, with a unique style that might even be raunchier than traditional Japanese futanari from a newer and still growing site called Innocent Dickgirls.

I've also discovered a few more futanari membership sites which look to have a lot of original futanari works, I'll try to post about them as soon as get a chance to check out their members' areas.

Until then enjoy the futanari sample movies here at Futanari Manga Videos, then if you need to see more be sure to pay a visit to FutaFan.com or give Innocent Dickgirls a look and see if you like a Western interpretation of Japanese futanari art.

Posted: Thu, 31 Dec 2009 16:34:09 -0500

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Dickgirls with huge cocks fucking each other senseless - futanari manga videos courtesy FutaFan!

Futanari dickgirls hardcore sex videos - samples courtesy FutaFan.com!

Lesbian futanari manga videos - Straight anime girl sucks futagirl's huge cock

Dickgirl hentai paysite - from the tour: futanari hentai works, mangas, doujins and movies

Intro post of Futanari Manga Videos

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